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Girl Talk Staff Photo

Staff taking advantage of the rock star back drop

Girl Talk 2011 was a wonderful event. Teen girls came to the Greenwood Public Library after hours for a night of fun where they explored the theme “Proud to be me”. Girls of all ages have special characteristics which make them unique and this program challenged teenagers to recognize those special parts of themeselves and share and celebrate them in a group setting.

Ice breakers included having the girls introduce themselves with the use of a word ball and also creating a human knot. Everyone watched a special video put together by the Head of Teen Services, Emily Ellis, which explained the theme of the night even further with the use of film clips, music, quotes, and Teen Advisory Members (TAB) talking about how the theme relates to their lives. A scavenger hunt had the girls working together to explore topics relating to individuality and appreciating each other. Crafts for the night included scrap booking and making bleached bandanas.
After root beer floats, the girls had the chance to run around the darkened library after hours for a special game of sardines (a take-off of hide-and-seek).

This was the fourth year of Girl Talk, and its popularity and impact on teen girls is just as strong and important as it ever has been. There are now alums of the program that help chaperone and lead games and activities during the night. Girl Talk provides young women the opportunity to tackle big issues in a fun way in a safe and caring environment.

I was a chaperon for the fourth year in a row. Things went so smoothly, and the girls had such a wonderful time that I will be honored to come back again next year. I participated in the ice breaker activities, manned a station at the scavenger hunt, created a Proud to Be Me page for the scrapbook, made root beer floats, kept watch during Sardines and helped clean up at the end of the night.  I am so lucky to work at a library where teen services are valued so highly and where I am able to develop relationships with our teen population that is rewarding all year long.