Sometimes really great food in a terrific atmosphere has the power to change the course of your day for the better.  I had that experience today at Strange Brew.  This coffee house is a wonderful gem nestled in Greenwood on Smith Valley Road between 37 and SR135.

I knew I was hungry and grouchy and had no idea what I wanted when I walked up to the counter and was presented with a menu.  Luckily there were a just a handful of sandwiches to choose from, and I selected the Toasted Bagel Sandwich. It was very tasty.  It was a toasted bagel with cheese, tomato and hummus. For a drink, I had seen on Strange Brew’s facebook page earlier in the week that they were featuring a White Chocolate Strawberry Freeze, so I splurged on one of those.

The atmosphere is eclectic and cozy. I felt at home surrounded by the book shelves stuffed to capacity and the wall of yarn that is for sale.  For thirty minutes I allowed myself to decompress, read a book, and relax. I have been to Strange Brew many times, and love their coffee and pastry selection in the morning, but this lunch treat was a wonderful change of pace.