Networking can be an awkward thing for young people who are still in the early years of their professional life after college.  Mingling, chatting, introducing yourself, shaking hands – these are not the skills most colleges prepare their new graduates adequately for.  Communication is such a vital skill for those who want to succeed professionally, and yet, insecurities and fears often slow young professionals down in their quest take root in a community and thrive.

I am not a new graduate fresh out of college.  I have had my various degrees for several years now.  Despite my age of 32, I decided to go to the Johnson County Young Professionals’ second meeting at a park near the library for a social hour of BBQ and corn hole. I don’t think I was the oldest person in attendance, but I was close. The event was a fun time.  I recognized a small group of people from the previous meeting and from working the reference desk at the library.  I learned a few names, met some new people, ate BBQ, and played a little corn hole. I am a terrible corn hole player, but luckily the lawyer who was my partner was equally bad and we had a good time.

I would like to get a few other people from the library involved in the group. It would be a good opportunity for some of the young library professionals to meet other people their own age and have fun in a friendly setting. It is nice to see groups like this one forming in my community. There is a lot that my age group has to offer the community of Greenwood, and I look forward to seeing what my part might be.

The group is in the very beginning stages of formation, but below is the flyer they passed out at tonight’s meeting: