Learning you are going to lose your job sometime in the next few months can be a tremendous blow to a person’s confidence and make them very worried about the future of their family.  Over three hundred families have been given that piece of news in recent months by the management at the Best Buy distribution center in Franklin.

Several local agencies in Johnson County partnered with Best Buy to hold a job fair at the distribution center today. There were several companies with open positions that had applications and information available to those facing unemployment in the near future.

There were a few other types of agencies on hand.  The local career training center, Central 9 Career Center, Workforce One, United Way, and several local tech colleges made up a well rounded mix of information.  I was in attendance for Greenwood Public Library.  I did not have any job openings to offer candidates, but I did have a stack of brochures detailing the free computer classes and free adult and family programs available for anyone wanting education and enjoyment at no cost.

I saw several “regular” patrons that already use the library.  I also met several who live close by but had never dropped in.  Many people were very interested in what I had to say.  The group, in general, are now more educated about what is available.  It was a good day.