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I head up the Reference Department at Greenwood Public Library. This is a medium size city library in Greenwood, Indiana. We have around 45,000 card holders.

Today was busy, but productive. July is when supervisors sit down with staff and provide them with a written mid-year evaluation. I wrote ten evaluations over the past two weeks and sat down with a few people last Wednesday, and so my top priority is to finish the rest of them this week by Wednesday evening. I just started in this position in April, so I was a little nervous about evaluating and discussing things with staff this first time. My time with everyone has been wonderful so far, though. Everyone is always so busy, it really is helpful to get some dedicated time to really dive into the big issues with everyone one-on-one.

Wanting to move forward on projects that need cash to successfully implement has sent many staff people from all over the building to exploring grant opportunities high and low. Today I met with the Assistant Director to send in applications for two small grants. We wrote copy for two of them, and I have a worksheet to fill out tomorrow for the third. Our staff could move forward on several key programs if we had 3D Issue software and some cash to offer tuition assistance for a series of financial literacy classes.  Fingers crossed!

In the reference department all librarians, reference associates, and student clerks cover desk hours. I had two today. They were very busy. I staffed the 9 o’clock hour by myself, but had a second librarian also working for the 3 o’clock hour. I handled quite a bit of phone reference this morning, including two database questions. We are located just a little south of Indianapolis, so we get a lot of college students using our library as their home base for studying. I also fielded a number of questions about the unemployment website and a couple job application questions.

A fun highlight of the day was in the morning. One of our staff members has a four year old daughter who has grown up at the library. She has been dying to “work with Mommy” for several months now, so we had a guest librarian for our 11 o’clock hour on the reference desk. She is a very sweet girl, and everyone had a great time with it. I love working in a place where we have the flexibility to make these kinds of experiences happen.

The rest of my time was spent “cleaning up” issues. I spent an extraordinarily long time scheduling community rooms for a series of GED classes that the local career center is planning on hosting at the library in 2011-2012, a lot of time responding to emails, and a making follow-up phone calls for tentative programs that I want to get nailed down in the next week.

So, Monday July 25 is down.  On for an even better Tuesday!