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I head up the Reference Department at Greenwood Public Library. This is a medium size city library in Greenwood, Indiana. We have around 45,000 card holders.

Each person in the reference staff is responsible for one weekday evening shift per week and around two weekend shifts per month. It is “sharing” the love. When I was first hired over four years ago when I was a student getting my MLS degree, I was bounced around to pretty much every night at some point or another. When I started programming heavily and got on full time, I settled into Tuesday night. I have found that Tuesday evenings are when I can hold programs for adults and families and get the best attendance numbers. So, I usually work 1-8 every Tuesday. Except today. Due to summer vacations, summer reading, and very tight schedules – 11:00am was pretty much the only available time to have a Geek the Library meeting where most department heads could be in attendance.

We are one of the libraries that is participating in the state-wide initiative starting in September. I am the project manager, and today our internal team (which we illegally call ourselves the Geek Squad) met to plan our launch event, brainstorm local city and staff involvement, and set dates and assign events to certain people to lead and move forward with. It was a great meeting. Terrific synergy and excitement among those present. It went longer than I had planned, but we were getting so much done and were so focused that we just went with it.  It was one of the most productive meetings I have attended in quite a while.

I then learned that one of our librarians was sick and wouldn’t be in today. Besides watching the desk solo so I could leave early since I came in early, she was also supposed to man a station for the Teen Services’ Amazing Race program. So, I helped out. I worked the detour stop where I was able to cheer teens on as they either slurped jello through a straw or gobbled baby food down with a spoon. It was a lot of fun. I was glad I took my laptop down to the community room to write and send emails from while I waited for teams to trickle in.

I did some odds and ends and then it was time for my 5-8 desk shift. It was busy the first hour, then tapered down. Still a lot of Summer Reading participants logging their last hours and picking up prizes. The grill that was donated for us to raffle off has really been the best prize ever for attracting new adults to the Summer Reading program. I did post a facebook promo to win a free tote bag in exchange for sharing your top five favorite things about Summer Reading. Responses were really cute. I spent the rest of the evening working my way through CASSIE documentation. This is the new PC reservation system my library is going with sometime next month.  Very big changes ahead. I need to plan the training and implementation steps ASAP so I can get staff up to speed quickly.

I came home and graded like a mad woman for the Information Literacy class I teach on the side. Now it is time for bed.