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This afternoon my husband and I decided to skip the cleaning and the unpacking of boxes for the afternoon and went for a bike ride instead. Today we traveled to Northeast Park in Greenwood, Indiana. This is almost two miles away from our home and is a really nice little park right next to the elementary school by the same name. I love Greenwood’s parks. I have spent many hours in Craig Park, Old City Park, Freedom Park, and the Tracy Trail. I had not yet been to this one. It was small compared to others in the city, but a very nice, well maintained park. The trail leads through playgrounds and soccer fields and baseball fields. We did take a few minutes to swing, and then we hopped back on the bikes and explored the school grounds since we were there. It reminded me of the rural school I attended many years ago.

A lovely afternoon spent in a lovely park. I want to return to one of those big established trees with a picnic lunch sometime in the near future!