As a programming librarian I have the opportunity to meet all kinds of people. A few months ago a very nice gentleman came up to me and offered to hold a program about how to make guitars by hand, since that is what he does for a living. I get requests every week from some business or organization wanting to hold programs in conjunction with the library. I turn most people down, just due to the time it takes for a librarian to plan and promote a program, even when the guest speaker is free. This man was so nice, and so passionate about guitars, that I couldn’t refuse.

I am so glad I listened to my instincts on this one. Jerry Brown with came to the library for an hour long program this evening on guitar making. I knew nothing about guitars before this evening, and I am now very interested and have a greater appreciation for this craft after sitting in on the program along with about thirty other South-siders. The attendees were young and old, men and women (most being men, admittedly). Jerry connected quickly to his audience and kept his sales pitch to a short two minute commercial at the end.

I love learning new things. I also really love listening to someone talk about things they love. Jerry Brown loves building guitars. I think he would be a really great instructor for anyone wanting to learn the craft. I wish him the best of luck with his business!