Greenwood is getting a new mayor. It has been a long time since an incumbent was not on the ticket, and Greenwood is pretty excited about the opportunity to have a competitive race for such a high profile position. Tonight was the first of two debates. The Friends of Greenwood Public Library was a co-sponsor with the Chamber of Commerce. I went with the director of the Friends tonight to tweet about the debate on the library’s twitter account and to take live questions from twitter hashtag #gwdebate and facebook.

It was really fun! I enjoyed hearing how the candidates responded the same and different to various hot button issues in Greenwood. I liked seeing the twitter comments and passing those onto the moderator for answering from the candidates. I just wish there had been more of them and more interaction. I think if wireless had been available, we might have gotten more interaction from the live audience from those on their laptops and devices. Maybe not, though.

I had fun at my first political event. I hope to become more involved in the future. I have no idea how, but I would like to get involved.