Saturday was the Geek the Library Launch Party. This was our “official” beginning. We decorated the day before with banners, posters, and window clings. From 10am-12pm we had booths set up all over the library with about 15 different vendors sharing what they geek, and the library sponsored several stations to show off a little bit of what we are all about. We had a share board where people could share what they geek as well as a photo station for patrons to get their picture taken to add to our collection of geek photos.

What went GREAT:

1. The decorating the day before. The staff really came together to pull off a really great look. Staff from reference, teen services, patron services, children’s, and tech services all participated by cutting, hanging, and joining in the fun. We really had staff excitement. When synergistic moments like this happen – it makes me feel so lucky to work where I do. It was wonderful to be a part of the fun and work together to get the word out about our terrific library.

2. The vendor participation and easy-go-nature of all participants. This was a casual feel, and everyone (staff, patrons, and business partners) were supportive and kind. There were not dramatic moments or overpowering personalities. It was wonderful, and exactly what I personally needed in my very tired state that morning.

What could have gone BETTER:

1. We didn’t plan this party out far enough in advance for all staff to know and plan accordingly. We had issues with multiple programs going on the same day.

2. The time. Saturday morning is kind of a dud time for any kind of adult program. I knew better and should have anticipated the low (around 50) attendance that we received.


1. Having grant money to work with allows us to experiment with various marketing techniques. We ran advertisements for this launch party. It proved that our nontraditional approach with most program promotions work far better. This helps reinforce my initial instincts when it comes to paid advertising and our library.

2. Success often looks different than what you originally anticipate it will look like. For this event – success came from staff buy-in about the campaign. This is no small thing. Encouragement from peers is so important for a project as big as Geek the Library that will be going on for nine months. I feel supported and I feel confident that I have strong partners moving forward to pull this off.

What’s NEXT: Greenwood Greenways 5K Run/Walk. I’ll be talking up the library before and after the event and walking in my Geek the Library t-shirt. I’m looking forward to it!