I live very close to the Southside Art League yet had not been inside the building until last night. What a great organization in Greenwood!

I am able to benefit from the wonderful local art talent because the Southside Art League displays art on the walls upstairs and highlights a different artist on about a monthly basis at my library. They have also started branching out and displaying art in various businesses around town. The art at Jacamos and Sassafras Tea Room changes fairly frequently as part of the Southside Art League’s efforts to support local artists, for example.

The Southside Art League offers many opportunities for local artists or want-to-be artists in Greenwood. I often see in the paper and their website that they offer drawing and painting classes for very reasonable fees. Some of the artists also volunteer their time to talk about their art for various community groups that wish to have a guest speaker. I have listened to a presentation by Kathleen Rice, for instance, and thoroughly enjoyed myself and learned something about her process for creating art.