Tonight I assisted a coworker with a really fun craft program. About a year ago this coworker saw an article in Better Homes and Gardens for living ornaments. It was a miniature terrarium with a tiny air plant or tillandsia plant inside. My coworker found the supplies and asked me to talk about plant care and terrariums in general. I had fun reading up on the topic. My grandmother had dish gardens and terrariums when I was growing up, but I haven’t thought about terrariums in years.

Everyone loved the craft tonight. The finished product is gorgeous. I love the fact that air plants require no soil or standing water. You just have to remember to soak the thing in water every few days. This program really did draw a diverse crowd, which is always fun to see. Retired ladies were chatting with college teenagers and mothers and several familes with young children came and worked together on their mini terrariums.  

The program went off without a hitch. My coworker is extremely organized and had everything ready in pre-measured kits which made the program itself very easy to pull off. My coworker also decorated the community room in festive Christmas colors, so I have the added bonus of feeling very holiday-happy tonight.