Company Christmas parties are part of the holiday season for many people. I have been to a wide array of them over the years. Everything from luncheon or dinner pitch-ins to fancy evening swarees. Last night my husband and I attended the Harrison College Christmas party.  Despite not knowing too many people since I am an online adjunct instructor and don’t really interact with many collegues – we decided we couldn’t pass up the opportunity for a free dinner and dancing to a live band.

The party was at the Westin in downtown Indianapolis. We had fun driving into town by looking at all the beautiful houses with light displays along Meridian Street. We sat with a handful of Harrison librarians and their respective spouses. Dinner was good, drinks were cold, and the band was decent. They played light jazz during dinner and then did a wide variety of cover songs afterwards which got us out on the dance floor for a couple of hours.

Overall, it was one of the best Christmas parites I have been to. My husband and I had a lovely time being all dressed up and it was fun to have a date night compliments of my employer. It was nice to see so many people dressed up in beautiful dresses and men sporting their holiday ties and Christmas socks. I’m glad the college opened the invitation to adjuncts as well as full time faculty. We had fun. The evening even included a professional photographer taking pictures of couples and printing them off 5×7 copies to take home. It was just like being at prom, only as an adult!