In the spirit of claiming a few peaceful Christmas moments, my husband and I decided to drive up to the Indianapolis Museum of Art (IMA) for the Christmas Open House. I had admired the outside of the Lilly mansion for years, but had never gone inside. 

The grounds were packed, so the $5 fee for parking made the evening not totally free, but once we started walking along the luminaria lined path to the Lilly house we were happy we had come. The grounds are always beautiful, but hundreds of lit candles made the grounds stunning.

The Lilly house has a beautiful first floor, that has been restored to the grandeur of the 1930s-1940s. Each room was also decorated with elegant Christmas decorations that appeared perfectly suited to the style of the home. I love the effect garland has when hung over doorways and windows, and I was in awe of some of the pairings of ribbons and baubles adorning the garlands at the Lilly House. The other effect that struck me as particularly beautiful were the elegant floral arrangements that filled the spaces of the unlit fireplaces. What a neat idea!

A flutist and guitar player provided elegant background music. There were docents stationed in each room of the house. They were so friendly and willing to talk about their room for as long as you would let them. They care very deeply about their work and I was very impressed with their knowledge and presentation style.

We enjoyed our walk and tour of the home. Taking a few minutes to appreciate beauty at Christmas time is a way to stay connected to life outside of work.

The Lilly House will be having another Open House on Dec. 22:
I highly recommend attending.