Organ music greets guests as they enter the Hilbert Circle Theatre

Indianapolis has a world premier symphonic orchestra, and I have been lucky to hear them perform my holiday favorites for two years in a row now at the Yuletide Celebration. The wonderful music, beautiful costumes, and gorgeous sets provided a night of fun unlike any other. I had a terrific time and am filled with gratitude that I was able to see the magical show once more.

It isn’t just the fabulous performance which made this a memorable evening, but also the entire package. The Yuletide experience involves beauty and grandeur with the decorations which is unmatched, and the feel of the Hilbert Circle Theatre is very festive. Women are dolled up in party dresses and men wear ties. Little girls are wearing formal wear, and teenagers don’t seem quite as sullen. It’s kind of hard when if you start to frown, a giant reindeer is likely to come up and stand beside you.

Me with a certain red nosed reindeer

The singing and dancing were terrific. This year a lineup of magic / circus performers were worked into the second half, which was neat. I still prefer the classic performances of the first half, but I really can’t complain. It was a grand evening worth the hefty price tag paid several weeks ago for balcony seats.

What is your holiday splurge this year? Anything magical?