I am a planner. I like to know as far in advance what is happening and have a 22 step plan in place and be ready to go. Life keeps getting in the way of that, however. I am learning how to be flexible, darn it!

I work with an amazing group of people. I honestly would have loved to have given each and every one of them a thousand dollar check and a turkey for Christmas. Unfortunately, the state of my life here lately had me and my coworkers wondering what our financial lives would be like in the new year. I didn’t feel comfortable spending much money on gifts this year. I still wanted them to know I care, so I wrote cards and baked bread. I decided on bread because 1) it’s one thing I can bake well 2) making bread is a lot of fun.

I clipped coupons for the fabric store and found a tutorial online for homemade bread bags. So, I started sewing several weeks ago and had them ready to go by the time the bread cooled.

So, my gifts were simple and homemade this year. Everyone was so kind and thankful. I don’t think they expected extravagance this year, but I hope they felt the love that was baked into every loaf.