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Today I was part of an interesting mix of Greenwood people all talking excitedly about an art project that the Greater Greenwood Arts Council is planning. They have received funds and are hoping to have local art installed along the trails in Greenwood this spring and want the launch to take place on Saturday, April 28. They would like to have art activities around town on that day and the library is actively planning ways to reach out to all age groups to offer opportunities to view and make art during the event.

One of my fabulous coworkers offered to assemble a demo art piece of quilling (the art of paper rolling) as a possible passive activity for adults. The card she designed is beautiful and costs about $.06 a piece to make. The children’s department is planning some type of sculpture activity and local teens will be creating something during this time period as well. Lots of very cool activities.

The sense of community was really fun to be a part of today. I can’t wait for the event and am looking forward to seeing the city rally around the arts on such a big scale.