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I really love to watch people “in their element”. This past Tuesday I was lucky enough to see a co-worker in her element while presenting on a topic she is passionate about. I attended a Project Foodie program at Greenwood Public Library entitled Sushi Simplified. Sara O’Sha presented a similar program to one of her library reference classes last semester as part of the requirements to get her masters degree, and I talked her into doing an encore performance for library patrons.

The class was perfect. It was engaging, informative, and fun. There were sushi enthusiasts as well as several people who had never eaten sushi before. Sara was able to provide a program to satisfy all. She also kept the program under budget at less than $1 per person, and provided every participant with a sample of fish-less sushi and a really terrific handout to get them started in sushi fun.

I’m going shopping today for supplies and hopefully will be experimenting myself this weekend!