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Today was fairly calm. I began and ended my day with class stuff for the online information literacy class I teach for a local career college. This morning I posted class anouncements and sent out go get ’em emails. I also posted to the class facebook page. Not too many followers on that one – but I’m trying something new and trying to be patient with myself and my students as we navigate this new method of class communication.

My day at the library started with a 3 hour reference desk shift. I was by myself for the first two hours and was swamped. It is tax season. Wow… I feel like a receptionist this time of year trying to calm angry patrons who called too late for the volunteer tax assistance program that we schedule appointments for. It’s a great program run by some wonderful people, but we could easily fill four times as many appointments as what we have available. Second to tax appointment calls were ereader calls. In case you haven’t heard – everyone on this universe has a Kindle (except me). They would all like to check out books from the library, by the way, but have no idea where to begin.

I met my dad for lunch at To the Nines. It is a restaurant inside a local career preparatory center. Culinary students prepare and serve the food. I had a stuffed fish. Dad had a monte cristo sandwich. They were both good and the service was great.

This afternoon I worked on website stuff, e-newsletter stuff, and fundraising stuff. Donations have started trickling in for a fundraising campaign that was recently launched to try to come up with some much needed cash as a result of a budget shortfall. The amounts aren’t large monetarily, but it is promising to see some movement on that front. It is just hard to stay super positive when you are constantly faced with the issue of your library being in the midst of a financial crisis.

I also created a pretty large Google spreadsheet that I am hoping our department can use for its monthly reports. After dealing with the statistical insanity that is “end of year report” time, I really want a new way of tracking all these stats in one place. I’m hopeful. We’ll see.

For a Monday, today went well. One of my emails mentioned Doodle for scheduling appointments. It sounds intriguing. Hopefully I can look into it and see what potential it holds for increading the time it takes to pull together a meeting.