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Tuesday shift: 11am-8pm
Tuesdays have become my hardest day of the week. My library recently changed its hours of operation due to our financial crisis. We are no longer open on Sundays and have cut back to 4 hour shifts on Fridays and Saturdays. This means for all of our full time employees getting forty hours of work into our open hours of operation without having to work every weekend is turning into a feat of endurance more than anything else. I have no room to complain, and yet here I am complaining – others who have lost their jobs or had their hours and incomes reduced have it SOOOO much worse.
Tuesday evenings have traditionally been the night of the week when we have the most successfully attended adult programs. Tuesdays don’t conflict with church nights and people remember to come as opposed to Monday night programs. We generally have a program or a class happening every Tuesday evening for adults. Tonight a coworker was teaching Advanced Word while I worked the reference desk for three hours with a wonderful intern.
Before my evening stint, I also covered an hour on the desk at 12 so a student clerk could leave early, I formatted some library stories that came in for use in our lobby display and website. I attended a summer reading meeting with other department heads, which was fun. This year’s theme is Dive into Summer Reading. I got my wish for official Friday Hawaiian Shirt Day every week from May 14-Aug 1. It’s the little things that keep me happy.  I also coordinated Project Foodie programs from now until August with a coworker who is my right hand gal with that series. I facebooked & tweeted a little for the library, and spent the rest of my time trying to find statistics that are due for a monthly board report whose deadline was bumped up a week two days ago which had everyone in my department scrambling a bit.
So a long day, but productive. The library stories that came in were the highlight of my day. Two of them were from patrons I know very well. Knowing that I helped shape their personal library experience in a positive way was really nice.