Yesterday was Groundhog’s Day. Phil saw his shadow (no surprise there!). The reason I paid attention to the date was that I had a wine reception to attend last night. Leadership Johnson County hosts a reception every year on Groundhog’s day to provide networking opportunities for alumni of the program.

There are those who can work a room like nobody’s business. They know everyone, have them pegged and rotate around like the pros they are. And then there is me. I like meeting people. I like learning about people. I don’t really do great at remembering names, associations and a person’s place on the social ladder, however. I do best on a small-scale. If I can connect with a few people in an evening and learn something about them, or find something we have in common, then I feel good.

Last night I met a couple of new people, was re-introduced to a few I couldn’t remember their names or where they worked, but had the most meaningful connections with a couple of my LJC classmates. One person I felt I knew well already, but was able to meet her husband and one of his coworkers. I also had a chance to chat with another classmate who introduced me to a friend who had volunteered at the library last fall. 

I had a nice time. I didn’t stay the full two hours, but am glad I went. The main reason for me wanting to do Leadership Johnson County was to have new experiences. Sipping a glass of wine in a beautiful historic house while chatting with other professionals in my community is a pretty great experience to be a part of.