About Me

After spending my high school years working at a local garden center, I went to Purdue University and earned a degree in Landscape Horticulture and Design. I worked for a landscape contractor in Southern Indiana. There were many parts of that job that I loved. I liked creating beautiful spaces. I liked starting and finishing projects. I really liked working with very interesting clients and connecting their interests to their garden spaces. However, I did not like the feast or famine lifestyle of a landscape designer. I did not like working in an industry that had such poor benefits for all of its workers and had so many labor issues associated with it. I kept feeling that I could accomplish a lot more for the world doing something else. So, after five years – I left.

I came back home, to Greenwood. I decided that I wanted to work for a nonprofit. When I started looking at available options, librarianship fit perfectly. I have always been an avid reader. I also have fond memories of my mom taking me to storytime at the local public library. I enrolled in the Master in Library Science program at IUPUI and got hired on as a student clerk at my local public library a few months later.

Almost five years later I am now the Head of Reference and Marketing for that library. I love my job. I enjoy the patrons that visit the library. I enjoy talking books with them and expanding their opportunities through programs and resources that I help plan and present. I like getting out in the community and sharing with unaware citizens the amazing things that are happening at their local public library. I also enjoy my co-workers. I like working on a team where creativity is appreciated and nurtured and where synergistic meetings result in tangible benefits for members of my community.

This blog is about my community and the interactions I have in it.


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